11 September 2023
Vara supports fundraising for Historic Churches Trust

Shailesh Vara MP visited All Saints Church in Hamerton to support the Ride and Stride Day organised by the Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust. While at the church, he met local resident Mrs Kate Tojeiro, who was greeting visitors.

The day is the Trust’s main fundraising event, when churches in the county open their doors for visitors, who often go from church to church on a bicycle.

This year’s event coincides with the fortieth anniversary of the Trust, which gives grants for repairs and restoration to churches.

With church attendances being low, the funds provided by the Trust are crucial for many churches who would otherwise struggle to do vital works.

Following the visit, Mr Vara said:

“Every church has its own unique history and story, and it’s lovely that the day allows people to explore beyond their own church.

“The Trust do fantastic work and are a crucial source of funds for many churches.

“As well as places of worship, many of these places are historical buildings and we should do all we can to preserve them.”

Mrs Tojeiro added:

“It was such a joy to support our local church at Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Ride & Stride.

“Our beautiful church in Hamerton, like so many of these incredible buildings is an amazing community space and needs funds and support to maintain it for future generations.

“It was lovely to greet so many visitors.”

Attached picture shows Shailesh Vara MP together with Hamerton resident, Mrs Kate Tojeiro.