28 July 2023
Vara meets Compare the Market

Shailesh Vara MP has met with Caroline Raines, Director of Corporate Affairs at Compare the Market, which is situated at Pegasus House in Orton Southgate in his constituency.

A number of issues were raised, including the company’s operations following the coronavirus pandemic, and the impact the period had on working arrangements, staffing levels and workplace conditions.

In view of the current cost of living situation, they also discussed changes in insurance demand from consumers and the impact this has had on the organisation.

Moreover, they considered the rapid development of technologies within the industry, such as artificial intelligence and information systems, and their roles within the company.

Following the meeting, Mr Vara said:

“It was good to see Caroline again and catch-up on various aspects of this very successful company.

“Following the pandemic, there has clearly been a change in working patterns, and it was good to learn of the latest technological advances in the insurance business.

“I am pleased to see that Compare the Market is continuing to adapt to changes within the industry and was very pleased to hear of their continued development, both within my constituency and nationwide.”

Ms Raines said:

“It was lovely to welcome Shailesh to Compare the Market again and discuss such a wide range of issues, from working post-pandemic to consumer attitudes in a cost-of-living crisis, and the role price comparison sites can play to help people make better financial decisions.

“It’s always great catching up with Shailesh and we look forward to continuing our discussions with him.”

Photo: Shailesh Vara MP with Caroline Raines.