31 January 2022
Vara raises concerns about conflict on the Russia-Ukraine border

Following the Prime Minister’s statement on the Sue Gray Report, Shailesh Vara tells the PM that, without minimising the importance of the events in Downing Street during lockdown, local military families are also concerned about the potential role the UK military could end up playing in the conflict on the Russia-Ukraine border.

Shailesh Vara (North West Cambridgeshire) (Con)

It is absolutely right that over the past few weeks constituents of Members on both sides of the House have been writing to us about this hugely important issue, and I do not wish in any way to minimise its importance, but there are military bases in my constituency, and I am receiving emails from families who are concerned about their loved ones and the potential role that they may end up playing given the conflict on the Russia-Ukraine border. Opposition Members may treat this lightly, but the families of those serving in the military do not treat it lightly. Will my right hon. Friend give me an assurance that, notwithstanding the importance of the issue we are discussing at present, his Government will start to address other important matters that concern my constituents and those of Members throughout the House?

The Prime Minister (Boris Johnson)

I thank my hon. Friend very much indeed. I think he is completely right. Of course these matters are important, and we have to wait for the inquiry, but in the meantime the UK must play the leading role that we are playing, in bringing the west together to form a united front against Vladimir Putin, in particular with the economic sanctions that we need. That is the priority of the Government right now.