23 November 2020
Vara welcomes opening up outdoor sports venues

Shailesh Vara MP has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement to allow sports fans back into sports venues from 3rd December 2020.

Mr Vara recently tabled a debate in the House of Commons arguing for Peterborough United FC’s fan to return to the stadium in a COVID safe and socially distanced environment. This followed a visit that Mr Vara made to the London Road stadium and after having seen the very detailed plans prepared by the club to allow spectators back in.

As well as the Peterborough United stadium being in Mr Vara’s constituency, North West Cambridgeshire is also home to the Peterborough Panthers Speedway at the East of England Showground.

Following the announcement Mr Vara said:

“This is excellent news. It means that sports venues such as those of Peterborough United FC and Peterborough Panthers Speedway can now begin to allow fans back into their stadiums in a limited, safe and socially distanced environment.

As well as providing entertainment for the spectators, importantly this will allow the sports facilities to start earning some much needed revenue again”.