5 July 2009
Shailesh visited Abbey Ramsey College last Friday, 3rd July.

He joined staff and students involved in the College's cybermentoring scheme. Cybermentors are students who have been trained to help fight online or 'cyber' bullying.

Cyberbullying occurs when a child is tormented or otherwise picked on by another child via the internet, email or mobile phone. Research has shown that there are a growing number of cyberbullying cases throughout the country and schools such as Abbey College are doing their best to combat this phenomenon.

Mr Vara said:

"I have visited Abbey College many times before and also met with the College's Students at the House of Commons. The staff and students are first rate and I always enjoy meeting them and answering students' questions.

"On this visit, I got to ask the questions and learnt more about cyberbullying and how the College and its students are countering its growth. Bullying of any type, physical or virtual, should simply not be tolerated."

More information about cyberbullying can be found here: