27 May 2022
Vara supports Eastern Powerhouse to promote East of England

Shailesh Vara MP today attended the Eastern Powerhouse Reception at the Key Theatre on the Embankment in Peterborough.

James Palmer, Shailesh Vara MP and James Sutcliffe, Chief Executive, Port-Evo

Mr Vara was welcomed by the Chair of Eastern Powerhouse, James Palmer, and met several local business people at the event, from across the region.

The Eastern Powerhouse aims to promote the East of England by attracting and working with businesses across the eastern region. By doing so, the organisation seeks to build links, share businesses knowledge and help improve business prospects in Peterborough, both for individuals and companies.

There is a strong need locally for skills growth and retention. It is hoped that the new Anglia Ruskin University will help to address this issue by creating opportunities for people to learn new skills and bring new skilled jobs and businesses  to the East of England.

Following the visit Mr Vara said:

“This event was a great opportunity for businesses in our region to meet and discuss ideas of working together with a common goal and I congratulate Eastern Powerhouse for organising it.

“By bringing businesses together and sharing their knowledge and experience, we can help to benefit businesses and jobs and thereby help create a better and stronger regional economy.

“I am pleased to support Eastern Powerhouse in their ambition to help generate more business and investment opportunities in the East.”

Mr James Palmer added:

“Peterborough is an ambitious and forward-thinking city that has a crucial role to play in driving development across the UK. However, at present the city faces two key barriers to its success: the economic damage wrought by Covid 19 on the one hand, and lower than average skills attainment on the other. Recent initiatives like the regeneration of the city centre, improved connectivity in public transport, and the founding of a new Anglia Ruskin university campus, are a fighting start in addressing these issues. The Eastern Powerhouse applauds these efforts, and our hope is that by offering a platform where new solutions can be formulated and honed, our partnership could play a small yet vital role in helping Peterborough achieve its full potential”.

Photo: James Palmer, Shailesh Vara MP and James Sutcliffe, Chief Executive, Port-Evo