8 June 2022
Vara meets local rainwater harvesting supplier helping to better use water

Shailesh Vara MP visited Rainwater Harvesting Ltd in Orton Southgate, Peterborough and met with Director Jae Lester and Business Partner Rob Cooper together with Engineering Manager, Richard Lester.

Mr Vara was shown a display model of the technology which is designed for rainwater collection and storage in homes.

Rainwater Harvesting Ltd, established in 2008, designs, manufactures and supplies rainwater harvesting equipment. The process involves using rainwater from the roof, which is then stored in underground tanks and used for, amongst other things, irrigating gardens, washing cars and flushing toilets.

The system can also help to prevent both localised and downstream flooding. The company is the leading supplier to the domestic rainwater harvesting market, helping to relieve stress on mains supply for a sustainable future.

Following the visit Mr Vara said:

“I was very pleased to visit Rainwater Harvesting and learn about their technology. The company aims to reduce the need for potable water, and thereby conserve natural water resources. The company’s technology is certainly very interesting and I was impressed with its benefit to householders, both financially and ecologically.”

Mrs Lester commented:

“We were delighted to discuss with Mr Vara the valuable contribution that rainwater harvesting makes to society’s increasing demands for water and the related issues regarding water supply for homeowners. 

“It was good to highlight the benefits of utilising a Rainwater Harvesting System by using our demonstration model, showing how the system works, not only for toilets, washing machines and outside use, but also how it helps to prevent flooding.”

Photo: Jae Lester, Shailesh Vara MP and Richard Lester.

Shailesh Vara visits Rainwater Harvesting Ltd with Jae Lester and Richard Lester.