1 March 2023
Vara meets 42 Engineer Regiment in Parliament

Shailesh Vara MP recently welcomed Captain Edward Malan RE and his colleagues in 42 Engineer Regiment to Parliament.

The Regiment is a specialist unit of the British Army which provides geographic support and is based in RAF Wyton in Huntingdonshire.

Following a tour of both the House of Commons and House of Lords, they met with Mr Vara and discussed a number of issues. These included the role of an MP and the functioning of Parliament, as well as a discussion on the present situation in Ukraine.

Following the visit, Mr Vara said:

“I’m always very pleased to arrange tours for constituents and I am glad that Captain Malan and his colleagues had an enjoyable visit.

We talked about a number of issues, including the varied work of MPs and Ministers. I was also pleased to have an opportunity to speak about some military issues, especially the situation in Ukraine.”

Captain Malan added:

“We had a very enjoyable visit to Parliament and it was fascinating to see how our democracy works. There is much more to the running of Parliament than we normally see and we were particularly grateful that Shailesh was able to join us to explain the more technical aspects. I would recommend anyone who has an interest in politics and governance to make a visit.”

Photo: Shailesh Vara with Captain Malan (front row, third from left), together with colleagues from 42 Engineer Regiment.