27 May 2022
Vara backs Kidney Research UK in campaign to raise awareness

Shailesh Vara MP today met with Sandra Currie, Chief Executive of Kidney Research UK, at the charity’s offices in Lynch Wood, Peterborough, to discuss current research and awareness campaigns commissioned by the charity.

Suzanne Ostler, Shailesh Vara MP, Sandra Currie, Mae Smith and Alison Railton.

Kidney Research UK is the largest charity in the country dedicated to preventing, treating and curing kidney disease. In the UK, over three million people are affected by kidney disease, and the charity uses public donations to fund research into both prevention and improved treatment methods, such as dialysis and transplantation. Kidney Research UK also spends twenty five per cent of donations received on public awareness campaigns.

Following the visit Mr Vara said:

“Kidney Research are doing fantastic work and it was a pleasure to meet Sandra and her team. So many people in the UK have kidney disease and Kidney Research play a vital role in helping the public appreciate the importance of healthy kidneys. Kidney Research’s work and research is impressive and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Ms Currie added:

“Around one in every 15 adults in the UK have kidney disease. Despite this, and despite their incredibly important role in keeping our body functioning, the kidneys are often overlooked. Kidney Research UK is striving to put kidney health at the top of everyone’s agenda. We were delighted to host Mr Vara at our offices in Peterborough and show him how important our research is for kidney patients, and to share some of our breakthroughs. His support will help us to increase opportunities for all kidney patients to have their voices heard in Parliament.”

Photo: Suzanne Ostler, Shailesh Vara MP, Sandra Currie, Mae Smith and Alison Railton.