Vara calls on PM to publish amount of money saved by UK not being a member of the EU

11th December 2017

Shailesh Vara calls on the PM to publish the amount of money we will save by not being members of the EU as well as the amount we will pay for Brexit.

May I congratulate the Prime Minister on her sheer determination and stamina in reaching the stage of having this joint report? To the extent that we do have an agreement in March 2019, and that thereafter, for many years to come, we do make payments to the EU as agreed, will she consider publishing the amount of money that we are not paying to the EU so that the British people can see the benefit that they are deriving in the years to come?

I thank my hon. Friend for his suggestion. I think that in due course we will be able to show not only the amount of money that we will not be spending through the European Union, but the positive ways in which we can spend that money here in the UK.

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