Vara calls on MOD to ensure British Army recruits from Commonwealth countries are treated fairly by the immigration process

20th February 2019

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, Shailesh Vara calls on the Government to address problem that soldiers recruited from Commonwealth countries to serve in the British Army are not being given correct immigration information before they sign up.

The Prime Minister will be aware that the British Army has engaged in a recruitment campaign in Commonwealth countries. However, only after soldiers have signed up for minimum four-year contracts do they find out that they are not allowed to bring their children to this country. Given that these brave women and men are prepared to put their lives on the line for us and our country, I hope that she will agree that this needs to be looked into urgently. Will she therefore kindly agree to meet me and others concerned to see how this matter can be progressed?

I am aware of the issue that my hon. Friend has raised. I am told by the Ministry of Defence that it does make sure that information is available to individuals about what their situation will be. This matter is not just of concern to the MOD; obviously, the issue of the immigration rules rests with the Home Office as well. I will certainly meet him to discuss this issue.