Poultry farm refused

13th December 2017

Shailesh Vara MP has expressed his approval at the recent decision by Huntingdonshire District Council to refuse planning permission for a significant poultry farm and abattoir close to both South Stanground and Farcet.

Mr Vara was contacted by a number of constituents voicing their concerns about the proposals. This included potential increase in heavy vehicle movements, noise pollution and contamination of nearby properties with waste from the operation. 

Mr Vara worked with local Councillors Ray Bisby, Chris Harper and Brian Rush in objecting to the proposals which were felt to be inappropriate for the area.

Following news of the decision, Mr Vara said: -

“This was absolutely the right decision and I am very pleased that Huntingdonshire District Council has taken the sensible course of action.

There was rightly much concern amongst the communities in South Stanground and Farcet with this contentious application uniting residents in a common cause. Credit is due to Councillors Ray Bisby, Chris Harper and Brian Rush who also very effectively opposed the application and helped to ensure that it was rejected.

I hope that residents will be reassured by the Council’s decision.”

Cllr Ray Bisby, one of the councillors for the Stanground South Ward added:

“News that Huntingdonshire District Council have refused planning for a Chicken Farm and Slaughter House has been applauded.

Councillors Ray Bisby, Chris Harper and Brian Rush led on opposing the application within their Ward of Stanground South, Peterborough, and wish to thank all who put in their objections too.

Issues raised included, the area being a flood plain, health issues around poultry farming and infrastructure. We must ensure that any business enhances the area and does not detract from it."