31st July 2017

Shailesh Vara MP has joined 55 colleagues from across political parties to co-sign the British Infrastructure Group of MPs' (BIG) latest report, 'Broadbad 2.0'.

14453 broadband connections in North West Cambridgeshire and 6.7 million broadband connections across the UK do not receive speeds above the proposed minimum standard.

The report criticises the fact that data is not available on whether poor broadband speeds are due to homeowners being unable to order a faster service or whether the nationally mandated faster internet is simply not available at their property.

The report also investigates broadband customer services to find a worrying lack of minimum standards. Of the major broadband providers in a voluntary agreement with Ofcom, none could provide BIG with any clear information about their complaints procedures, or any amount of compensation that they currently pay to their customers.

Mr Vara and 55 colleagues therefore call on the government, Ofcom and broadband providers to urgently improve the quality of broadband customer services.

Mr Vara said:
"It is unacceptable that in twenty first century Britain we have such huge disparities in the provision of broadband. Given that the government recognises the enormous importance of technological advances and works on a cross departmental basis to ensure maximum use of modern technology, the proposals in this report are eminently sensible and should receive the government's very serious consideration".

To read the report in full, visit and follow BIG on Twitter at @BIG_MPs