183825 - Northern Ireland Office: Migrant Workers (Answered)

Tom Brake
To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, how many citizens of non-UK EU countries work in (a) his Department, (b) its agencies and (c) its non-departmental public bodies.

Mr Shailesh Vara

The Northern Ireland Office does not hold information relating to non-UK EU nationals. From the data held at October 2018 on 121 staff, 28% have declared as British citizens, 14% have declared as Northern Irish and 2% have declared as other nationalities. The remaining 56% either prefer not to say or have not declared their nationality.

The Department has no agencies.

It has three executive non-departmental public bodies – the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, the Independent Reporting Commission and the Parades Commission for Northern Ireland; and one advisory non-departmental public body – the Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland. As these bodies are independent of Government, the hon Member may wish to write to the Commissions directly on these matters – contact details are set out below:



Contact Details

Parades Commission for Northern Ireland

Executive NDPB


Independent Reporting Commission

Executive NDPB


Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission

Executive NDPB


Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland

Advisory NDPB