Players Trust for Footballers

3rd April 2017

Shailesh Vara MP has given his full support to the launch of the Players Trust for Footballers in the House of Commons.

The Trust has created an independent, free service to provide support, advice and education advice to aspiring young talented footballers and their families. The free service will also be available to established players and has been created by a team with an extensive background and experience in sport and professional football.

The Trust’s three core principles are the development of a winning mindset, the creation of independent decision-makers and the empowerment and protection of players.

The vision of the Trust’s panel is to provide parents and players with the best possible information on which to decide the future direction of their careers - within the game or through another career path.

Mr Vara has been involved in the work of the Trust from an early stage when he arranged a meeting between representatives of the Trust and the Secretary of State for Culture, the Rt. Hon. Karen Bradley MP. Mr Vara has been working closely with County Councillor, Simon Bywater, whose son, Kieran, used to play football for West Ham United.

Following the event Mr Vara said:

“I was delighted to be a part of the launch for such a vital service for aspiring and professional footballers.

“The Trust will provide free and impartial advice and will cover basic information up to personal mentoring.

“The next step is for the Trust to attract funding so that it has the necessary resources for its programme and I will be doing all I can to help it in its endeavours.”

Cllr Simon Bywater added:

“Tuesday's launch at the House of Commons was, unquestionably, an overwhelming success. The good, the high and the mighty gathered in their numbers to hear speakers of authority and quality outline precisely what we believe the Players Trust has to offer our next generation of footballing heroes.

“The feedback - and the media coverage - has been really tremendous. I think that all of us who are associated with the Trust genuinely believe that the message is now out there - this is the right time for such an organisation to move from the shadows into the spotlight. There is a need for the Players Trust and I do believe that now, after such a high-profile launch in such auspicious surroundings, there will be a desire for the Trust.

“What we need now is for football - as an industry, as a business - to stand up and take note. To hopefully dip their hands into what are deep and well-filled pockets. We need support and we need it now.”